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About Eyes on Boats

Boating is about having fun and most owners make a considerable effort to maintain their pride and joy.
But what happens to your vessel when you’re not there?

Are all your mooring lines holding, are the auto bilge pumps functioning, is the waterline lower than it should be, what’s that smell coming from the cockpit, is the power connected and working, are the doors and windows locked, who’s that person on your boat?

Even the most well maintained vessel can become the victim of unforseen problems and these issues can develop at an alarming rate, unnoticed because owners simply don’t have time to maintain the required vigil over their boat.

We will give you a detailed report of your boat each fortnight so that you have piece of mind. We know that you are busy and sometimes get caught up and can’t get down to your boat and that is why Eyes on Boats  are there for you.

Our key is regularity.  EYES ON BOATS perform regular inspections designed to detect problems commonly experienced in penned boats before they either happen or catch them before things get too bad.

Manageable Causes: If during any inspection EYES ON BOATS suspects an irregularity, it may investigate and attempt to remedy a manageable cause, or may call the owner at its discretion, if necessary.  A manageable cause may otherwise be reported in a routine confidential report to the Owner.

Emergencies: In the case of a genuine emergency such as a water or oil leak EYES ON BOATS may deploy a Portable Emergency Pump (PEP) in the boat or an oil spill boom over the side, as the case may be. Where in the opinion of EYES ON BOATS the marina could be adversely affected, or the marina staff are able to deal promptly with the emergency, EYES ON BOATS may call the club/marina by telephone then advise the emergency contact (as nominated by the owner) and follow up with a confidential email and dated photograph to the owner or his nominated emergency contact, as arranged.